The Internet

The Internet is quickly replacing traditional means of communication, from as simple phone call all a the way to advertising methods.
While this could be a good thing, it has it’s down side as well, but we know there is no Perfect System or Method, and in this Blog I’ll
outline some pros and cons of the Internet word.

Here are some Pros and Cons:
-Phone calls can be made from a touch of a button to anywhere in the word there is an Internet connection. No longer one needs to be home to receive a call, or No long line standing awaiting for the public phone to became available. Another good thing about Mobile Phones, is that more and more business see the Benefit of having one: “Customers are on the Go when searching for your business, so you as a smart business owner, should embrace the Mobile world and get more customers.
-On the other side, it’s unfortunate that more and more families are being drifted apart by the present use of the Mobile Phone, and they no longer site at the dinner table and have a decent dialog, but in the middle of their meal, the phone rings and a member of the family, not being smart, quickly leaves the meal table only to have a so call, private talk.

-Social connection; this one is Big, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure every body knows about Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pin tress and all the others. Well the good thing about Social Media is that more people are able to connect with each other around the world in seconds also and for business the Social Media world is exploding. Businesses are being drawn to this media, where they are able to engage with more customers, all at once, with tremendous money making outcome. What’s really impressive is the traditional is that the News Media has also evolved with Social Media, they too have tapped into this new means of advertising their product, and today they All are on Facebook Twitter and even Pin tress, they want their message to be heard, so they put it where it reaches the mass.
The cons of the Social Media:
This could also be one of the easiest ways a person could cheat on his/her partner, there have being times where a person decides to give false information of themselves to meet and engage romantically with another. This have proven to a serious matter. Even though there have being also reported great Romantic relationships that end up in marriage. So, what am I saying? Well, when it comes to your personal life, use Social Media with discretion, and if you are searching for a significant other to form a lasting Relationship… Use it at your own risk.

So you see, The Internet is here to stay, so everyone should get to learn as much as they can, as well as use it in a constructive manner.
More and more companies today requires at least some basic knowledge of computer skills. Therefor it’s to our best advantage to equip our ourselves as well as our employees with Internet Basics.

The field I’m most interested in is the Business Arena. Due to the complexity of the Cyber world, must business owners just don’t have time to manage their business and market their business at once, and that’s where Successful IM LLC comes in. We have prepared an in-depth website specially for you and your business. Please feel Free to contact us for more information on any of the diverse Marketing Strategies mentioned.

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