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June 11.2024
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Responding To Online Reviews

Online Review Responder

  Responding to Online Reviews

Reacting to both favorable and negative evaluations is part and parcel of track record management, however, did you know there are several business benefits to doing this?

Our latest customer evaluation research study highlights the importance of responding to Google evaluations, along with evaluations on other platforms. 

Actually according to "The Consumer Review Survey" 98% of customers have read a regional service evaluation in 2015. Due to the design of many evaluation platforms -- including Google Reviews-- each of those consumers could also have seen business responses to each of the evaluations. This is valuable digital real estate that might be utilized to highlight special selling points (USPs), engage with consumers, and construct closer relationships with possible brand-new and recurring clients or customers.  

It's tough to get your brand name personality or the personable face of your customer support team across on a review site, so a review reaction provides an automobile to do just that.

You can use this area to bring your brand voice to the website, which assists you in developing a more genuine engagement with that customer.

Seeing a response from a company owner also matters to local consumers, with whether or not a service reacts to a review being the third essential aspect for regional customers. This is only behind the evaluation sharing a positive experience and the business having a high star ranking. 

It's clear from this data that customers put a lot of importance on businesses taking some time to react. This suggests that understanding how to respond to favorable evaluations can affect how favorably regional customers view your evaluation profile. 

There's strong evidence to suggest that reacting to reviews-- both great and bad-- can considerably increase your opportunities of winning brand-new company, with 89% of customers stating they're either highly or fairly most likely to choose a local organization that reacts to evaluations.

Not responding to reviews at all means consumers are extremely unlikely to use your service. 

Does responding to reviews aid with SEO? 

Reacting to reviews is a local search ranking aspect, with the timeliness of reaction and reacting to favorable and unfavorable evaluations both playing a role. Google has verified that managing and reacting to reviews does impact regional search exposure. 

Lots of businesses are so concentrated on creating reviews, they forget to respond to the reviewer. Making the effort to react is an easy way to include an extra layer of fulfillment in your customer support. Likewise, doing so can make an individual more likely to utilize your business after they find you in the search engine results. 

How do you thank someone for a positive review?

Responding to a positive review can be both quick and simple. Begin by thanking the reviewer for their feedback.

Customize your action by referencing something the customer particularly valued about your product or service and invite them to take an action, such as visiting you again quickly. Keep your response short, be genuine, and react in as timely a way as possible. 

How do you respond to a luxury review?

Responding to a first-class evaluation is no different than responding to other positive evaluations or those with 3 or four stars. Be timely in your response, thank the customer for sharing their experience, and make certain to modify your reaction to show a specific information, such as an employee or feature that the reviewer enjoyed. Your action does not need to be long or over the top-- simply be authentic, appreciative, and concise. 

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The Five Steps of Responding to Google Reviews

Responding to reviews, both positive and unfavorable, needs to be done in a timely way to be reliable and impactful. 

1: Use a Tool

If you have a track record management tool, you may have the ability to react to the review directly from the dashboard. Utilize this if you have one available to you-- it enhances the process and makes it much easier to keep track of which evaluates you've reacted to.

2: Be Proactive

If you don't have a track record management tool, build manual action management into your

daily schedule. Set time aside every day after you keep an eye on online reviews to respond to new comments. It's a good idea to respond to unfavorable reviews first (even ones you suspect to be phony) to limit the damage and put the wheels in motion for disagreement resolution.

3: Shape an Appropriate Response

Reviewers normally fall into a particular classification. Determining which type of reviewer you're

dealing with will help you create a plan of action for your response.

You can utilize our 'Types of Reviewer'

resource to help you do this.

4: Take Negative Reviews Offsite

Negative reviews are a truth of life for any

local business. The key to dealing with them is

having a developed action process. As a primary step, motivate the reviewer to converse with you

off the evaluation site. Welcome them to send you an e-mail or to give you a call.

When the problem is dealt with, ask them to modify or update their evaluation to reflect the steps

required to remedy the situation.

5: Responding To Online Reviews

As mentioned before it's critical to respond to all reviews left by customers; showing that you care about

them, could improve business reputation and help them to stay ahead of their competitors. Businesses

also have the added benefit of ranking well on Google and other sites. At Successful IM, we created a

tool to assist

businesses in effectively responding to online reviews, using a proven formula to engage and

attract new customers.

We're offering businesses a 30-day free trial of this powerful review responder tool. To test-drive

our proprietary tool, please visit https://successfulreviewresponder.com or just click on the link

below to access your Free Review Responder.

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